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The Campaign for Wool presents Wool Week Amsterdam

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 From October 28th until November 3rd, Amsterdam takes centre stage in the second edition of the Dutch ‘Wool Week’. Over the course of seven days activities will take place all over the city to highlight the versatility and special properties of wool. 


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“Wool does not only radiate wealth and elegance but also a certain ruggedness that drapes wonderfully on the female body. These features are important to my collections, which is why I like to work with this versatile fibre.” JAN TAMINIAU

From October 28th until November 3rd the fashion and design industry in Amsterdam will be dedicated to wool thanks to museums, retailers and the crème de la crème in Dutch design. Two exhibitions are at the centre of Wool Week 2013. Additionally, a Tour de Wool will cater to the need of all shoppers in Amsterdam. Wool Week 2013 will end accordingly on November 2nd during ‘Museumnacht’ .

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Photo credits Iris Ooms

De Cromhouthuizen

The first exhibition will take place in ‘de Cromhouthuizen’. Thirty-five (young/fashion/product) designers and stylists will show their wool designs exhibit emphasizing the positive qualities of wool; strength, structure, breath, and elastic. Participating designers and product designers include: Jan Taminiau, Claes Iversen, Lucas Ossendrijver, G -STAR RAW, Claudy Jongstra, Scholten & Baijings and Avelon. ‘De Cromhouthuizen’ is a residential palace, consisting of four houses on the Herengracht, from the golden Era. Inhabited by the affluent Cromhout family during the 18th century, today ‘de Cromhouthuizen’ are ​​open to the public.

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Photo credits Iris Ooms

De Oude Kerk

Ten photographers, ten different interpretations, one mission: show your view on wool. Ten talented photographers will show the end result in the beautiful chapel of ‘de Oude Kerk’. Contributing photographers include: Edland Man, Paul Berends, Philip Riches, Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen and Romy Threebusch. Both ‘de Oude Kerk’ and ‘de Cromhouthuizen’ will participate in the Amsterdam ‘Museumnacht’ with special activities to close off Wool Week.

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Photo credits Iris Ooms

Tour de Wool

Do you prefer shopping to visiting an exhibition or museum? No problem as we do have something right up your alley. The Tour de Wool informs the consumer on locations in Amsterdam where they can buy woollen garments, designs and other eye catchers. From concept stores to boutiques and department stores, wool is everywhere!

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