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One Wool – Part 7

One Wool - Part 7 - Collage.001

In part 7 of our One Wool initiative we’d like to introduce nominations from Jacaranda Carpets, Kingsmead Carpets, Manx Carpets, Penthouse Carpets and Ulster Carpets


Jacaranda - Velvet Stripe Grey & Oatmeal 24 L1

Hand woven from 100% natural undyed wool, Jacaranda’s Velvet Stripe is an ideal candidate for the one wool campaign. Available in 5m, 4m and 1m widths, it is woven on traditional wooden looms, a labour intensive process which creates really characterful carpets. At Jacaranda we source our natural undyed wool from around the world, allowing us to offer a wide range of natural colours. Undyed wool is a wonderful, versatile, tactile, material, and Jacaranda’ s Velvet Stripe proves that it can look very contemporary too.


One Wool Part 7 - Kingsmead.001

GLENSHEE is a new flagship product from Kingsmead Carpets. It features a new exciting blend of wool called “Highland Fleece”, which is sourced exclusively from Scottish farms and blends wool from a variety of breeds of sheep to maximise the resilience and appearance retention of the fibre. Due to its sourcing the wool qualifies for platinum certification from the BritishWool Marketing board and Glenshee is the first mainstream carpet to be launched carrying that accolade.

The environment is key in many buying decisions today and Highland Fleece scouring process meets the exacting requirements of ENco who certify the product as exceeding all statutory requirements for processing. With wool being a naturally renewable resource this fibre takes environmentally friendly raw materials for carpets to a new level.

The ingenuity of the raw materials along with the vibrant colour bank have been recognised by The Society of British and International design who have endorsed the product. This is not just a selection of beiges, but a cruise across the colour spectrum.

From its birth on the back of the sheep to its finished form as a carpet to fit on the floor every process is conducted in Great Britain making Glen Shee every bit a Great British Carpet. The launch is supported by British wool Marketing Board and Campaign for Wool whose Patron is HRH Prince of Wales primarily as it actively supports the livelihoods of Scottish Sheep Farmers.




Gaskin - Penthouse Carpets P Pic One wool


One Wool - Part 7 - Ulster.001

Recognising a growing public awareness of ecological issues Ulster Carpets developed Natural Choice.

Made from 100% natural undyed wool the collection comprises a variety of textured designs inspired by nature that are complimented with a range of plains.

Fortunately nature has gifted us with different sheep breeds which have naturally different coloured fleeces. By blending these fleeces Ulster can create a broad colour bank of entirely natural colours.

The yarn for Natural Choice, like all of Ulster’s yarn, is manufactured at their spinning mill in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, ensuring total control over quality and long term security of supply.

Composed from natural, renewable elements Natural Choice will be completely recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle, and therefore have a minimal effect on the environment.


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