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One Wool – Part 8


In part 8 of our One Wool initiative we’d like to introduce nominations from Baker Furniture, Christopher Farr Editions, Fleming & Howland, Hastens Beds, Joseph H Clissold and Lana Home




BAKER® selected this 100 percent wool for its subtle polished finish.  By its very nature, wool easily takes on the daily rigors of life with qualities inherent to its composition.  Beyond the soft hand, pure, core-deep coloration, and luxurious draping quality, it is also extremely durable, naturally flame retardant, and resists bacteria making it hypo allergic.  Wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight before it feels wet – the highest industry standard – allowing water to wick away before settling into the fabric, while dirt sits on top of the fibers making it extremely easy to clean.




Christopher Farr Editions is delighted to put forward our William Scott rug, Permutation Brown in celebration of Wool Week 2013 and as part of the Campaign for Wool’s One Wool project. Of all the rugs we have launched this year for our website, we felt the William Scott rug was the one that best represented the wondrous qualities wool possesses. There is something about William Scott’s work, the way he transforms everyday objects into high art that has a natural affinity with the alchemy of wool and the hands of the weaver.


Fleming and Howland.001


After working with leather since 1780, Fleming & Howland spent a lot of time and consideration before launching their first fabric collection. All their wool is sourced from British mills and as with their furniture, the wool pieces are made by hand in the UK. The vibrant colours of the materials make it worthy of a nomination and sure to brighten up any interior scheme from the warming saffrons and show stopping reds to cool blue hues and calming greens.


Limited_bedroom 0659 landscape_M low res

Renowned the world over as the ‘bed of your dreams’, Hastens have spent over 160 years perfecting their craftsmanship. To celebrate their heritage, Hastens have launched the Limited Edition Platinum bed. The Platinum bed is sophisticated, elegant and makes a noble statement in any bedroom. Every element of a Hastens bed is finished by hand, using natural materials and traditional methods. The pure wool stuffing breathes naturally, regulating the body’s temperature and creating the perfect climate for the soundest sleep. For a deep sleep experience and outstanding comfort, it has to be Hastens, naturally.







Joseph H. Clissold design and weave the most outstanding Made in England cloth.  The cloth we have chosen for our OneWool product is our 100% Wool worsted spun full bodied milled flannel, woven in a 2/2 twill construction for drape and durability.  The range features tartan checks, fancy glens, bold windowpanes and coordinating plains.

We have spent over 100 years perfecting our craft in wool and produce cloths for comfort and beauty, our cloth is scoured with bore hole spring water drawn from deep under the Pennines which gives our cloth unique characteristics. Time is precious and really good things take time, our OneWool product is the result of craftsmanship, innovation, design and time. We promote the finest cloths in the world.



As you are no doubt aware, Harris Tweed is undergoing a renaissance.  Harris Tweed uses Scottish Wool which is spun, dyed and hand-woven on the Islands and finished in the Outer Hebrides.  Lana are partners with the main producer of Harris Tweed, Harris Tweed Hebrides, with a shared goal that is to drive the use of the cloth in the interiors market.  Harris Tweed has long been recognised internationally in the luxury fashion market but is also ideal for upholstery.  This use of British wool for upholstery is potentially valuable as a new market and, in the case of Harris Tweed, to cover the ‘down time’ in orders (largely from the fashion industry) between October and February.

For more information about Lana, visit their website to watch a short film about the company:



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