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THERMAFLEECE Natural Insulation at Ecobuild 2014


Thermafleece is one of the most established brands in the sustainable building products sector and we have chosen yet again to showcase our full range of sustainable building insulation at Ecobuild 2014.  What’s more, Thermafleece is partnering with the Campaign for Wool and The British Wool Marketing Board for the second year so visitors will be able to see the many and varied uses of wool in the building fabric and its interior.


The need to adequately insulate our entire building stock is becoming more and more important but it is not just energy efficiency we should be concerned about.  In a world of ever scarcer resources, we should be making the best use of all we consume.  That’s why insulating with Thermafleece coarse British sheep’s wool makes so much sense.

Not only is wool very energy efficient, it rapidly regenerates absorbing atmospheric carbon as the fleece grows.  By using coarse wool in a durable end use such as insulation, we can ensure this carbon remains locked up for many decades.  Unlike light fine wools, British coarse dark wool is not suitable for other applications so by converting it into insulation; we are effectively turning a waste bi-product of British hill sheep farming into a valuable, locally grown, locally sourced and durable building product.

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Mark Lynn, Managing Director commented “Using sustainable building products such as Thermafleece provides huge benefits for the building fabric, its occupants and the community as a whole.  Despite the fact that our brand has been around for more than a decade, we have to continue to push this message, that’s why attending Ecobuild is so important to us”.

Thermafleece is now available in a variety of sizes, densities and compositions that mean it can be used in a wide range of end-uses from domestic lofts to highly insulated timber frame walls.  In order to ensure that end-users get the best performance and value from Thermafleece, we offer comprehensive on-site and off-site technical support throughout the design and build process.


We believe the construction sector as a whole has much still to learn about the many benefits of using natural and sustainable products such as wool insulation in the built environment.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Campaign for Wool to launch a range of RIBA CPD presentations in 2014.  Why not visit us to discuss your CPD requirements for the year ahead.

About the Campaign for Wool

Now in its fourth year, the Campaign for Wool is a global cross-industry promotional programme inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales.  The past 12 months has seen the Campaign increase its global presence and it now has representation in 14 countries throughout the world.

The aim of the initiative is to increase the use of wool worldwide by improving understanding of its many benefits and applications.  Since its launch the CfW has presided over an unprecedented increase in demand for wool of all types throughout the world.

Please visit us on Stand No. N349 at Ecobuild, ExCeL, London – Tuesday 04 –Thursday  06 March 2014

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