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Veerle Windels talks about her selection of the Wool Week Antwerp participants

(photo by: Annelies Vandendael)

Freelance journaliste Veerle Windels and curator of the Wool Week Antwerp exhibition tells about her selection of the participants.

Smile Just a split second.

Not much more was needed before I said yes. When asked to become curator of the Antwerp Woolweek, what else could I say? Any good initiative promoting Belgian fashion designers can make a difference. And The Woolmark Company which asked me is well-known, all over the planet. Was it difficult to choose designers that were up to it? Hardly. As you may know, we’ve got plenty talented ones. Some people keep going back to the Antwerp Six, who of course triggered a fashion awareness in Belgium and soon conquered the world (some of them at least). Yet, younger generations have proved that Belgian fashion is very much alive, even after all these years. I selected designers who have always had a heart for wool and are never afraid of experiment. I mixed younger with older ones, keeping in mind their individual talent and their craftsmanship. As we worked on the exhibition, sketches and ideas kept coming my way. All of them made me smile. Because each and every design is unique. And shows so much love for wool. I guess that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Veerle Windels

(photo by: Annelies Vandendael)

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