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Shopping in Antwerp: Morrison clothing store


The Campaign for Wool has been talking to Jan and Patrick Olyslager from Morrison clothing store which owns and retails the Antwerp-based Howlin’ brand that is supporting the Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week in Belgium.


Please tell us a little about yourselves, your company, your brand Howlin and other wool products in your store.

We are an Antwerp based knitwear brand. Since 1981 we have been producing quality knitwear in Scotland and in 2009 we launched our new label Howlin’ (Scottish slang for smelly). The way of manufacturing remains traditional but Howlin’ offers more room for fantasy in shape and pattern.
At Howlin’ we strive for timeless, playful products that are made with care. So whether it is a scarf or a shaggy waistcoat; all our products are individually manufactured and hand finished by traditionally skilled craftsmen in either Scotland or Ireland using the highest quality wool yarns possible.

Why did you start to work with textiles and how did wool get involved in that?

We are born and raised with Scottish knitwear. Six years ago we decided to launch our own brand with a strong focus on quality and origin.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Movies, music, travelling

What makes you choose wool over other fibres?

100% natural wool fibres are the most beautiful fibres to work with. It’s the real thing, no added synthetics.

What is your favourite woollen item of clothing and why?

A jumper of course!

What is your opinion about The Campaign for Wool?

It’s a very good project as we have to push consciousness about products

Will there be new developments with wool in 2015?

We are going to continue working with local yarns and add some new qualities to the collection.

Morrison store

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