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AEG shows the safe drying of your wool garments


Tumble dry even your hand-wash woollen garments! With AEG AbsoluteCare™ System dryers, you can be sure even your woollens are extra safe.

In collaboration with The Campaign for Wool, and Tommy Hilfiger, AEG performed a live test with their new dryer with the ProTex AbsoluteCare system. Ten readers of Weekend were invited to a unique Wool Week Day Out starting at the WM Gallery in Antwerp where the exhibition 17 x Wool was on display. From there they went to the Tommy Hilfiger store to select a wool sweater that was donated to them by Tommy Hilfiger. In the AEG Cooking Club ‘De Gistfabriek’ in ‘s Gravenwezel the winners could enjoy drinks and finger-food whilst their newly obtained sweater was washed and dried in the AEG ‘AbsoluteCare’ dryer – a live test to show that your delicate wool garments can be tumble dried.

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