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Q&A with Saskia, Creative Designer at Urban Merino


We had the pleasure of catching up with Saskia, designer at Urban Merino. Saskia grew up with her mother’s love for fashion and clothes. She was taught to sew as a young girl and loved designing and making clothes for her dolls. After 10 years of travelling the fashion world she took a backstage role working for designers and increasing her skills. After having children, Saskia now combines all these experiences to design and run Urban Merino.

1. Please tell us a little about yourselves and how your business/designs/products utilise wool?

We make contemporary children’s fashion from Supersoft merino wool

2. What makes you choose wool over other fibres? What is your favourite thing about wool?

The List is so long. It started because it is a natural fibre, breathable and machine washable. Then I realised I had such a great feeling when my kids wore wool – I knew they were protected and safe and ready for any activity. I wanted every mother to have that feeling.


3. What does the Campaign for Wool mean to you?

Campaign for Wool is about educating people about the benefits of wool and having a voice why wool is the best fabric to wear.

4. The retail landscape is forever changing with a growing trend for more sustainable fibres, what does 2015 hold for you as a brand?

We are launching our first collection now so it will be a very busy year ahead getting out there. We are retailing on our own website and we will also be stocked in other stores so there is a lot to manage.

5. Fabric technologies, particularly those using wool have advanced so rapidly over the last few years, has this affected your trade and work?

The technology they use to make Supersoft merino wool cloth allows me the freedom to design fashionable clothes because we are able to add design lines and details like you would any other jersey cloth. And for kids it is practical because you can machine wash it.


6. How does using woollen cloths differ to other man-made materials?

I am a real advocate for natural fibres, I would never consider wearing or dressing my children in synthetic fabrics and I avoid them whenever possible. I guess that comes from growing up with mother who is a fashion designer and always teaching us about fabrics and what they were made of.

7. What demand have you seen from your customers with regards to favouring wool over synthetic fibres?

I find I have to educate most people on the benefits of wearing wool but once they have worn it or had their child wear it they understand.

The best compliment I have had recently from one of my customers and friend was “ When you first started your business I thought your clothes were a luxury and now my kids have been wearing them I realise they are a necessity “ I asked her to explain in more detail and she said before her son wore wool he was always cold, shivering and complaining about being cold. As soon as he started wearing merino he stopped. They are at a school with no uniform so she sends him off each day with peace of mind. There it is that “feeling” I wanted to share with other Mums summed up.

empress_dress bolero_girl

8. Are there any plans to introduce more wool in to your collection?

We use only merino wool. But we have plans to one day do an adult line exclusively from merino wool.

Find out more and shop the collection from Urban Merino on there website:

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