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A Guide to wearing Harris Tweed this Summer


Harris Tweed is far more versatile than you might first think. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill offer tips on wearing this wonderful fabric all year round.

Harris Tweed, rich in history and culture, is often thought of as more of a winter fabric. But while rugged, thick weather resistant tweed that’s tightly woven from high-twist fabric may well be best saved for the darker months, the open, loose twill of a Harris Tweed really can be worn all year round.

Woven from 100% pure virgin wool, Harris Tweed is a great way to incorporate the fibre into your summer wardrobe. Not convinced? Read on for some tips on wearing tweed when the sun is shining.


Incorporate the Right Items

When most think of Harris Tweed clothing, they think of the sturdy jackets and flat caps worn by country gentleman as they stroll through the countryside, while in actual fact, the cloth is far more versatile than might be imagined.

The range of products available in Harris Tweed is surprisingly broad, from smart jackets to accessories for every daywear, the right item is just waiting for you to discover!

For a summer wedding, a Harris Tweed waistcoat smartens up more casual attire, and the addition of a tweed tie really pulls the look together.

For the ladies, smaller nods to tweed are sufficient to pay homage to the timeless trend, and with bags, purses and shawls available, this look is simple to achieve.

Choose Seasonal Colours

It’s well known that the weavers of tweed draw their inspiration from the environment, as historically it was worn by hunters and deer stalkers as camouflage.

The colours have always been derived from the land, with the finished cloth designed to blend in with the dark granite hills, moss covered timber and beautiful Scottish heather. However, come summertime, Scotland’s rugged landscape comes alive, especially around the Atlantic-facing western coast where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are hidden.

At this time of year, tweed weavers draw inspiration from the Scottish coast’s muted golden sands, ever-changing sea hues and the natural tones revealed in seaweed, shell and rock. The 100% pure new wool yarn is dyed in yellows and bright whites, dusky browns, briny greens and greys, and the finished cloth is flecked with the myriad colours you’d expect from the vast sandy shores.

These beautiful colours are the key to getting the most from your Harris Tweed this summer, when a jacket in a lighter shade lends itself perfectly to a long, drawn-out evening.

Wear Wool Whatever the Weather

Whatever the British weather decides to throw at us this summer, even if it is a little warm for your favourite tweed, remember there are plenty more ways to keep this versatile cloth close at hand. From a stylish tweed throw that’s just perfect for a picnic to a handy tweed hip flask filled with your tipple of choice, a tweed accessory really will prove useful all year round.

Author:  Founded in 1946, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill offers quality clothing and excellent value to those looking for an ageless style. With a wide selection of exclusive brands steeped in tradition and heritage, why not browse our website to find something perfectly suited to you? Edinburgh Woollen Mill is proud to support the Campaign for Wool.

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