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The Incrediwools: Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson - takeover

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson started knitting creatures from wool when she was at the Royal College of Art. When a collection sold out while she was still a student, she decided to carry on making them. As well as the creatures, her burgeoning company now sells cushions and homewares such as ceramics and tea trays.

Why did you choose to knit the creatures in the first place?

From the start, my creatures were always made out of wool. The reason is that I really liked to have control of how they looked and felt. And I didn’t just want to buy fabric and make them out of that but I wanted to actually make the fabric as well. I came from a farm and was always surrounded by the natural environment. Wool is very natural and has a familiarity to me. I’ve also always liked the flexibility of it: you can felt it, cut it, knit it and weave it.

Why is wool so versatile?

I can dye it myself and get the colours that I want. Colour and pattern are important to me. Wool also has a cosiness and softness. All the products that I make have that kind of nostalgic feel to them. You just want to wrap yourself up in wool.

Despite this, how important is it that you do as much production as possible in the UK?

It’s always been very important. I was very lucky at the beginning that I had a Scottish manufacturer who was willing to take on the small minimum orders that I had. He took a bit of a chance on me and as a result I’ve been really loyal to him. He has build up his business because my business has grown.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve made from wool?

Recently I made a big, knitted, snow-capped mountain, about 4 feet high. We’re hoping to do an animation and it’s part of the set. I’ve also made fruit and vegetables. It’s funny. Everyone asks me what I do and when in tell them they say ‘Oh, can you do me a jumper?’ and I say ‘I don’t really make jumpers’. A mountain’s far more useful!

Head over to The Campaign for Wool Instagram page today where Donna Wilson will be taking over the channel!

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