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Say hello to Braaad Pitt!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.08.28

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of our annual ‘Wool Week’, taking place from 5th – 11th October, an ensemble cast of sheep and other farm animals star in a series of short videos to celebrate the unique and natural qualities of wool. We’re honoured to introduce our first film in the series of three – Braaad Pitt, featuring a voice over from Chris Cohen!

Watch as two lamb siblings vie to become the next film heartthrob by ‘pitting’ their anti-flammable credentials against one other. Wool provides SUPER protection with its inherent fibre structure making wool naturally flame resistant – it’s what ‘superheroes are really made of’.

Keep your eyes peeled for our other Wool Week films coming your way next week…

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