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The Sheep of the Year Awards

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To celebrate the sixth anniversary of our annual ‘Wool Week’, taking place from 5th – 11th October, an ensemble cast of sheep and other farm animals star in a series of short videos to celebrate the unique and natural qualities of wool. We’re honoured to introduce our second film in a series of three, The Sheep of the Year Awards!

Highlighting the enviable natural beauty of wool, ‘Sheep of the Year’ sees Galahad the llama, Mabel the pug dog, Dave the donkey and Daisy the cow masquerading as sheep to infiltrate the competition, as they absurdly attempt to compete for the prestigious ‘Sheep of The Year’ title. ‘Wool, so beautiful all the animals want in’.

Keep your eyes peeled for our final Wool Week film coming your way later this week. Did you catch our first film? Say hello to Braaad Pitt here.



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