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Wool for The Compact Interior Space



Tux Chair Special Edition, Stuart Scott, upholstered in Fox Brothers’ Midnight Kempy Wool, piping and buttons in Fox Brothers’ Midnight Covert Cloth, both 100% pure British Wool

Gelim flatweave rug by Ptolemy Mann and Rug Maker.

Capsu-Wool, the Campaign for Wool’s pop up interiors installation is open for just two more days! Situated just off Regent St in central London this showcase of our favourite fibre features brand new pieces from Margo Selby, Heals, Retrouvious , Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company and  Ptolemy Mann amongst many others.

The theme for the show is wool for the compact interior, busting the myth that this luxurious fibre is all about grand spaces.  Wool’s exceptional ability to take dye coupled with it’s sculptural property and wide range of textures make it the perfect thing to brighten up a dark corner or small space in any property and it’s natural durability means your wool interior piece will last for many years to come.

4 Clifford Street, Central London, W1S 2LG (Just off Regent Street)
6th-9th October 2015

Highlights of the show


Wool Windings, courtesy of Wallace Sewell


Vintage Italian chair, Retrouvious, upholstered in Stripes by Paul Smith, 92% wool, Maharam


Flamingo handwoven wool aubusson wall hanging, Suzy Hoodless for The Rug Company.


Dip dyed Lighting, 100% British Wool, Janie Knitted Textiles 


Cone Seats, 100% steam pleated wool felt, Jule Waibel


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