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CFW x Clothes Make The Man – Father’s Day Special


This week we’re lucky enough to have a special a guest editor, Mr Anthony McGrath of the award winning, leading Men’s style blog Clothes Make the Man.  Anthony has contributed to Men’s Health, Metro, Interview and the Saturday Times Magazine and for this essential Father’s Day round-up looks to wool for a selection of beautiful gifts sure to make the old man as pleased as punch!

June 19th, yes that date’s marked in your diary but why? why? The day when the hardest working member of the family gets to relax, put their feet up and everyone runs round and looks after them for a change, it’s Fathers Day not Mother’s Day. Yes, you read that right folks, Father’s Day!

Forget it at your peril, remember who’s been there to help with life’s essential questions like “which is the earth wire?” “Dad, any chance you could take the kids for a couple of hours?” Don’t let it take you by surprise and don’t leave it until the last minute – no one wants to settle for whatever they’ve got left at the service station, no one wants a day-glo travel neck pillow, particularly not your dad! Get him something that says thank you for being there for me, all year round.

Remember, even the most alpha of males need a little pampering occasionally and when you pull the best wool present out of the bag for your old man on the day itself the rest of the family will look on aghast at your gifting genius.  Pop will be wiping a tear from his eye and saying things like “But you shouldn’t have” and “So much thought must have gone into this!” Yes, and here we’ve put in the hard work by bringing you a selection of the most sought after and desirable gift ideas money can buy. 1. Breton Jumper by Finisterre1. Burras Jumper by Finisterre – Your dad doesn’t have to be a hipster to fully appreciate this Breton inspired jumper by Finisterre. The surfer’s favourite brand have produced blinding lightweight knits for this ever unpredicatable Spring/Summer we find ourselves in.

Burras Jumper, £75.00

2. Stag doorstop by Johnstons of Elgin – What home can call itself complete without this amazing example of objets d’art produced by the luxury British brand whose woollen mill was established on the banks of the River Lossie over 200 years ago.

Stag door stop, £49.95 by Johnstons of Elgin

3. Crieff Cap by Barbour – Long gone is the image of flat caps, Whippets and pints of Real Ale. Thanks to those dapper ‘gentlemen’ of the beautifully sartorial BBC drama ‘Peaky Blinders’. Yes, men may drink Ale while wearing this headwear, but, you can guarantee it will have been brewed in a highly trendy micro-brewery in an equally aspirational drinking hole.

Crieff Cap, £34.95, Barbour

4. murdock smed ash4. Repairing Lip Salve by Murdock London – As we said even the most Alpha of makes needs a little pampering occasionally and what better way than with this repairing lip balm with active ingredients: apricot, St Johns Wort and lanolin, which is a natural beauty by-product of sheep’s wool.

Repairing Lip Salve, £8.00 by Murdock London

5. Knitted Merino Wool Polo Shirt by John Smedley – With the weather as predictable as the National Lottery Numbers, you need items of clothing that help regulate your body temperature. One of the many qualities of wool is, it cools you when you get too hot and keeps you warm when things take a decidedly colder turn, this excellent example by the British Fashion institution, John Smedley, is a must have for any gift guide.

Merino Polo Shirt, £155.00 by John Smedley

6. Mens 2 in 1 Running Shorts by Ashmei – One for the sporty Dads out there. These brilliant Merino wool shorts by this sterling British luxury Sportswear brand are perfect for your gym bag no matter what outdoor activity you are persuing.

2 in 1 Running Shorts £99.00 by Ashmei

789 final7. Reflective Tweed Tote Bag by Dashing Tweeds x Fred Perry – Science really is a fantastic thing, particularly when it looks this good. The amazingly eccentric Dashing Tweeds has developed a reflective exclusively for their collaboration with the legendary Fred Perry brand by weaving 3M reflective yarns with British wool. The result is a collection of not only functional but stylish accessories.

Reflective Tweed Tote Bag, £95.00 by Dashing Tweeds x Fred Perry

8. Merino Wool Moutain Shirt by McNair – This heavyweight shirt, known in some quarters as the more contemporary ‘shacket’ i.e. when it’s too cold for a shirt and too warm for a coat, this transitional piece is perfect to see you through most of the year.  Produced in Yorkshire using the finest Merino wool, whether you’re up a mountain, or out in the urban jungle, this is an item you won’t ever regret purchasing.

Mountain Shirt, £375.00 by McNair

9. Tablet Sleeve in Herdwyck Tweed by Cherchbi – For the modern man about town, this waterproof sleeve is compatible with all major tablet devices or can also be used for the A5 large Moleskine Notebook or similar sized documents and literature.  The perfect balance of style and functionality.

Herdwyck Tweed Tablet Sleeve, £120.00 by Cherchbi

10 final

10. Wool / silk scarf by Anderson & Sheppard – This versatile spotted scarf is made from a wool / silk blend and looks equally at home when teamed with jeans and sneakers as it does on a more formal outing.

Wool/Silk Scarf £95.00 by Anderson & Sheppard

11. Herringbone Check Two Button Blazer by Marks and Spencer – Herringbone and Tweed has seen nothing short of a renaissance in recent years.  Everyone from Chanel to TOPMAN love the qualities of these British cloths.  You are as likely to see a man in his 20’s wearing a piece like this as you are a man in his 50’s.  Nothing says timeless style like a blazer and it can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Pure New Wool Blazer £179.00 by Marks and Spencer

12. Woven Teal Tie by Harris Tweed Hebrides – Add a splash of colour to any outfit with this uplifting woven tie.  Teal as an accent colour can pretty much be teamed with any colour combination. Remember the secret is to wear it with confidence.

Tweed Tie, £22.50 by Harris Tweed Hebrides

So there we have it – and not even a mention of a Brut 55 Gift Set – or a pair of socks! Just be sure that whatever you buy him you make it the best and #ChooseWool

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