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Young Talent Chooses Wool at New Designers Pt 2.

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New Designers Part 2 is focused on furniture, spatial and product design and illustration.

We went along to see how wool was being used by the next generation of design talent and integrated into their products, and what properties of wool they were most attracted to in their work.

Woven Textiles  by Maria Sigma, One Year On

New Designers | One Year On stand

These beautiful hand woven textiles are created with a zero waste design ethos.

Using high-quality British wool and other natural fibres the collection only uses undyed or naturally dyed yarns.

Wool is integral to the brand ethos thanks to its natural, renewable and biodegradable properties which Maria is passionate about.

Every aspect of the collection is meticulously planned before production commences in order to keep yarn waste to a minimum and the commitment to natural, sustainable materials continues with the wool cushion pads which are supplied by Woolsoft.

After completing her degree in textile conservation in Greece, Maria spent time working with renowned weavers Wallace Sewell and is based in Cockpit Arts, the business incubator for designer makers where she won the Cockpit Arts Clothworkers Award in 2015.


Artefakt Rugs by Michal Tylicki, One Year On


(Image courtesy of Artefakt Rugs)

Each 100% pure wool Artefakt Rug  is hand tufted by Michal in his home studio in Ireland.

Originally from Poland, Michal studied Industrial Design at the Koszalin University Of Technology, and was granted his Master of Arts in Design in 2004.

Michal often creates his beautiful colourful rugs in response to requests for particular shapes or animals from his children.

Pure wool is the only fibre he works with because of its ability to take colour to the core of the fibre and retain its freshness and brightness throughout its use and lifecycle.


Sæde by Jessica Parsons, MDes Furniture Design, Sheffield Hallam University

Untitled design-265

Sæde, a lounge chair upholstered in Camira ‘Blazer’ wool felt cloth, won Best in Show at Sheffield Hallam’s 2016 graduation show.

The high, body-enveloping back and side panels and wool felt upholstery absorb ambient noise, creating the perfect quiet spot and space to work, relax or study, while the additional seat pad provides lumbar support for extended periods of use.

A covered integral table or reading support makes this chair an innovation in design and functionality

For more information on Jessica’s work:


Meditasi by Sara Pagani, BA Hons Product and Furniture Design, Kingston University

Untitled design-264

Sara’s ergonomic meditation chair is designed to offer moments of quiet reflection in busy public spaces such as airports.

Wool felt cloth by Camira was chosen for the upholstery because of its noise absorbing properties and durability in high traffic usage areas.

Contact Sara:

Dual Chair by Pol Mauri Carbonell, BA Hons Product and Furniture Design, Kingston University

Untitled design-266

(Images courtesy of Pol Mauri Carbonell)

Pol Mauri Carbonell has graduated with first class honours from Kingston University.

His Dual chair is designed for contract use in office environments where the user can sit upright for meetings and team discussions, or alternatively use the reclining position, which is angled to direct the users head away from distractions, to contemplate creative ideas, strategies and workflow

Again, Camira wool felt cloth is chosen to upholster the chair because of its suitability and durability for contract interiors.

Contact Pol:


The Bed by Tiff Cheong

the bed 882

A modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese bed known asK’ang featuring wool felt upholstery.

Small, compact and multi-functional, which is ideal when space is a premium.

Contact Tiffany:

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