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The Campaign for Wool and the Wool Carpet Focus Group have come together to highlight the many natural attributes and benefits of wool flooring.

Carpets and rugs from some of the leading wool floor companies have been aesthetically pieced together by JR Studio to create a focal point for The Flooring Show 2021. The Flooring Show is the UK’s largest flooring show, and is attended by key retailers, contractors, distributors, fitters, designers and developers.

Wool is represented from the key wool growing markets of Britain and New Zealand, each known for their lofty, white wool which is ideal to create durable carpets that have a carpet pile with good bounce and recovery, and are easy to clean. Wool is the most responsible fibre to choose for the planet, with its eco and environmental biodegradable properties and longevity of wear.

Peter Ackroyd, COO of the Campaign for Wool said “It is encouraging to see wool carpet orders dramatically improving for the domestic market, and hope that this will be reflected in the wider contract, travel and leisure markets as businesses, hotels and offices reopen.” 

Joanna Ramsden, JR Studio commented “Interiors are taking their inspiration from the natural world and our growing respect for the environment. The Home has become a key and essential part of our wellbeing and we are looking to nature to help us create a more harmonious balance in our lives.”

Featuring more than 50 shades of green, the wool carpets exhibited showcase a collection of sea greens, fir greens, olive greens, grey greens and grass green colours in a wool floor canvas of varying patterns and textures.

  • Calming, restful, contemplative and energising as well as functional, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Bringing outdoors indoors has seen swathes of green hues being introduced with something to suit all tastes however eclectic. 
  • Our renewed love of gardening and being outdoors is a positive and beautiful influence.
  • In the garden, green is nature’s anchoring colour.

Colour influences range from the verdant and vibrant to the more subtle and desaturated tones:

  • Herbal and Vegetable 
  • Foliage and Botanical 
  • Woodland and Moorland 
  • Countryside and Hedgerows 
  • Shades of Water

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