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British Wool and British Made – Abraham Moon & Sons supports British Farming through the creation of a luxury product 100% traceable right back to the farm.

In a unique collaboration with British Wool and Campaign for Wool, Yorkshire-based vertical woollen mill Abraham Moon & Sons (fondly known as Moon), launches its newest lifestyle range of super soft throws, which are a ‘best-in-class’ showcase for British manufacturing, British design, and British wool. 

From fibre-to-finish, this new collection of beautiful throws has been created solely within Great Britain using British Lambswool. After scouring the wool close to the mill in Yorkshire, all other parts of the production process are carried out at the Moon mill, one of a few remaining vertical woollen mills in the UK, where every single production process is conducted under one roof and fully traceable, right back to the farm. The story of this collection is a celebration of sustainability and UK manufacturing with timeless British design rooted at the source from farm to finish.

In a world of fast fashion and insatiable customer expectations, today’s consumer desires to seek additional information on product traceability and ethical production, often finding an elusive production process using predominantly overseas materials. To discover a luxury textile product that is genuinely traceable is incredibly challenging. This project sought to change this rhetoric via a film captured to highlight the story of production from the farm to the finished product. 

To create a luxury textile product that is genuinely traceable can be incredibly challenging for British manufacturers. So, the team at Moon used this as motivation to create its new responsible lifestyle collection. Using local landscapes as inspiration for their colour palette, four original designs were created and presented in five different colourways. From the dyeing of the wool to the creation of the yarn through to the weaving and the imparting of the soft, lofty handle in the final finish, this collection is a testament to home-bred design, responsible production, sustainability, and innovation with provenance at its heart. 


Since its recent launch, the Bronte British Lambswool collection has been accredited with the Design Guild Mark – a scheme created to recognise the highest standards in furnishing design.

The prestigious Design Guild Mark is awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company in order to drive excellence and raise the profile of British design and innovation. The Mark is an accreditation of quality in the design of textile furnishings, intended to recognise the best industrial design awarded for a product or collection of products that are currently in production, that were designed for, and are manufactured by, an industrial design process, The Mark is judged by an independent body of renowned judges.

Setting it apart from other producers, Moon is one of the last few remaining vertical woollen mills in the UK, where every single production process is conducted under one roof, and this is what makes its products so highly sought after worldwide. Now, with its farm-to-fibre traceability, it offers something truly unique in the world of luxury textiles. 

Complementing this collection of throws is a special documentary to showcase the journey of the creation of this product, from fibre-to-finish, which you can find here:

The British Wool collection is available to purchase now through the Bronte by Moon website. 

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