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Cape Wools SA provide a platform for South African Designers and Artisans

The latest collaboration saw the Cape Guild of Weavers and some of South Africa’s top fashion designers working together to create designer wool garments fit for international runways.

“Woollen it be Lovely” is featured in VISI Magazine, The Design Issue no 82 and shows the result of the hand woven Merino Wool cloth being draped, fitted and formed into show stopping garments.

As noted in this beautiful issue, on street now;
“ Members of the Cape Guild of Weavers hand-wove natural, undyed South African Merino wool yarn into pieces of square-weave fabric, which were then used to create signature pieces by some of our top local fashion designers. Each garment reflects the extraordinary talents of all the artisans involved in every step of tis creation, from the spinning of the yarn to the weaving, design and tailoring of the cloth.”

Jan Ras took the beautiful images for VISI and captured the individual style of each designer. Christian Gabriel du Toit and Malcolm Kluk, together with weaver Annemarie Neethling, created a short pleated skirt ensemble with feather trim and feminine cape. (

Malcolm Kluk and Annemarie Small

Designer Jenny le Roux, collaborated with weaver Ingrid Hansen to create a signature Habits ready-to-wear piece, perfectly fitting the sophisticated silhouette of the brand. (

Jenny and Ingrid Small

JD and Hendrik Vermeulen, in conjunction with weavers Sandi Gillman and Penny White, created a haute-couture distressed wool dress with feather and silk trim, in keeping with the natural theme of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture. (

Hendrik Vermeulen Small

Tamara Cherie Dyson collaborated with weaver Edith Hoskin and her classical pencil skirt and tunic top two-piece allows the beautiful hand woven cloth to shine. (

Tamara Dyson and Edith Small


The Cape Guild of Weavers is South Africa’s oldest guild and has been in existence for more than 50 years. (

South African Merino wool is produced according to a strict Code of Best Practice and the Merino mark is the consumer’s guarantee of buying the best quality wool. Designers are encouraged to work with wool and use it in their existing design fields, to broaden their
product ranges and discover the particular properties that make the fibre work for them.

Wool Fact;
Merino wool is a natural fibre and adapts to the temperature it is worn in. It repels odours and dirt and the modern wool garment is washable and easy to care for. The fibre is totally biodegradable and the garment will disintegrate completely once discarded, becoming part of the earth it was harvested from. Merino wool  is a renewable source and naturally fire retardant, making it a safe and eco friendly option for both young and old.

Full size images and detailed information available in VISI Magazine:

The Design Issue no 82 ( or from Cape Wools SA ( or Dalena White on and +27 82 870 6497

VISI art approved Jan’16

Images courtesy of VISI Magazine and photographer Jan Ras (

The garments will be displayed during South Africa’s Wool Week (30th March – 2nd of April 2016) at Walmer Park,  Port Elizabeth.




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