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Get Your Christmas Jumper on

2It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a customary, silly Christmas jumper, would it?

Julie Kearney sent a picture of her son in his Christmas Jumper for our Your Handmade Christmas event.

You may or may not know that the 14th of December was Christmas Jumper Day.  Far from being mere frivolity, Christmas Jumper Day was organised by the Save the Children charity to raise money for children in 120 countries.  From the sincere to the cheeky, from the cheesy to the ironic, you can take a look at all the fundraisers and their jumpers over on the Christmas Jumper Day gallery on Facebook.


Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children was popular! Check out the Christmas Jumper Day gallery on Facebook.

If seeing all this jumper-wearing fun has whet your appetite for some wool-clad merriment, and you feel like making a last minute investment, you may be interested in our Christmas Jumper recommendations.


Tegan Kersey and Harvey Nichols’ reindeer jumper.

First a special mention for this gorgeous reindeer design from Harvey Nichols. Part of the Wool School project, this lovely Merino wool jumper is a collaboration between student designer Tegan Kersey, and Harvey Nichols.


Polar Bear jumper from TopShop

The high street offers other great finds too, such as this polar bear jumper, also from TopShop

If that isn’t for you, there is a whole section of the John Lewis shop dedicated to Christmas Jumpers. Whether you’re being silly or serious, there is plenty of choice to be found here.


Christmas jumpers for children at Picaloulou.

For the kids, things might be a bit trickier.  For children’s Christmas Jumpers, try Picaloulou.  Not only do they produce handmade, woollen knitwear for babies and children, but it is all ethically produced in the UK.

Have you bought your Christmas jumper yet?  Maybe you’re going the whole hog and making one yourself! If so, don’t forget to share with us over at Your Handmade Christmas – our favourite projects will be featured in a special blog post at the end of the week.


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