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In collaboration with Smalls Merino & Woolroom, one of the UK’s leading luxury wool specialists is launching its first ever womenswear collection, a sustainable and 100% Merino Wool sleepwear range.

The Woolroom Sleepwear by Smalls Merino Collection is launching online ( this August, and provides simple, timeless pieces which are luxurious, feminine, flattering and effortlessly easy to wear. These all-year round items help women sleep better thanks to their heat regulating benefits and work effortlessly when combined with Woolroom’s range of bedding and mattresses. When it is hot, this clever fibre transports moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. The product is also irresistibly smooth and soft, as it is made from a Merino yarn of the absolute finest 17.5 micron ultrafine wool fibre.

The range consists of cami tops, sleep shirts, tees, shorts, trousers, slip dresses and eye masks, and are available in three colour ways – rose, navy and mint. The pieces contain flattering soft v-necks, adjustable straps, as well as relaxed silhouettes with an elasticated waist band for a comfortable fit and curved hems with detail stitching.

Made with Merino wool, from New Zealand, which is softer and finer than regular wool, it retains all its benefits, making it perfect for sleepwear.

Benefits include:

  • Regulates body temperature: Helping to keep your body at a regular temperature, the natural crimps in the fibre insulate you when it is cold by trapping air. When it is hot, this clever fibre transports moisture away from your body keeping you cool and dry. 
  • Traceable back to the farm: The Merino wool used in the range is fully traceable back to farms in New Zealand and is certified ‘Ultrafine’ by The Woolmark Company.
  • Super soft: Irresistibly smooth and soft, this sleepwear is made from the absolute finest “two-fold” 17.5-micron yarn (a human hair is 60). The two separate yarns are folded together in opposite directions. The single yarns that make the two-fold need to be extra fine and very smooth to get a balanced result. 
  • Helps to improve eczema conditions: The Merino used in the sleepwear has been tested against the strictest quality standards and uses the finest yarn, meaning the fibre is officially skin and eczema friendly, backed up by scientific research. Debunking the myth that wool can be itchy on the skin. 
  • Resistant: Unlike synthetics, Merino wool is not only resistant to odours and fire retardant, but also durable. Requiring no special treatment for washing. They will not shrink or fade due to a unique patented finishing and knitting process at our mill. This process has no chemical residue or environmental impact and is designed to protect the wool.
  • Sustainable: Merino wool is a natural and renewable fibre, one sheep can grow 2-3kg of wool each year, on nothing but a diet of grass and sunshine. At the end of life, Merino wool biodegrades after 12 months in the ground, releasing carbon and nutrients back into the soil.

The products have been made to help women have the best night’s sleep and avoid waking up too hot or uncomfortable. Research from a recent survey by Woolroom* revealed a bad night’s sleep is causing over half of Brits to feel lethargic (55%), unproductive (47%), and stressed (46%) the following day. This is usually down to overheating at night due to wearing the wrong fibre in bed.

In addition, when asked how the menopause affects sleep, over half (52%) of respondents said they suffer from night sweats with 68% of women struggling to fall asleep at night. 

Chris Tattersall, the Sleep Expert and Managing Director at Woolroom comments: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Smalls Merino to launch our first ever sleepwear range. It has been created to help women sleep better and longer. Working with Smalls Merino aligns with our traceability and sustainability values too, and ensures we continue to offer the best in clean and healthy sleep.”

Cat Pharo, the co-founder at Smalls Merino comments: “We are overjoyed to be collaborating with Woolroom as they offer such wonderful products which really make a difference to people’s sleep environment. We work extremely hard to produce the finest Merino garments and have an established and trusted supply chain. We are about buying less and choosing well, and working with very best makers, farmers, and mills.”

The collection will be available to purchase online at from the end of August.


*This research of 1,504 UK based Britons aged 18 and over was conducted by Ginger Comms: Perspectus Global on behalf of Woolroom during February 2022.

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