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A few weeks ago, we invited all the avid crafters out there to share their Christmas crafts with us, for our “Your Handmade Christmas” event. The result has been overwhelming, and we have spent a joyous few weeks excitedly looking

Get Your Christmas Jumper on

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a customary, silly Christmas jumper, would it? Julie Kearney sent a picture of her son in his Christmas Jumper for our Your Handmade Christmas event. You may or may not know that the 14th of

Campaign for Wool Launches in New York

27th September 2012 – WOOL UNCOVERED – celebrating wool New York style The Campaign for Wool will head to New York for the launch of its American interiors programme and host WOOL UNCOVERED – a wool installation in Bryant Park

Where to buy handmade – a Christmas crafts round-up

Christmas markets are a traditional part of seasonal celebration in England. Aside from a brief stint from 1644 to 1660 (during which time Christmas celebrations were banned under the rule of Oliver Cromwell), the Christmas market has long been a

Sleep like a baby in wool

Well, it looks like science has finally proven what wool aficionados have been saying for years! Wool really does make for a better night’s sleep! Read on and find out why wool is perfect for newborns and children. Studies undertaken