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Why Patrick Grants Loves Yorkshire and Wool

How do the King’s Guards keep out the cold and rain?
Easy, they wear tunics made from the most fantastic pure wool melton cloth made by AW Hainsworth of Pudsey in West Yorkshire the same place Community Clothing get the cloth for their fantastic Peacoat.

Patrick Grant, Community Clothing, Norton & Sons and Judge on Sewing Bee visits AW Hainsworth in Yorkshire and highlights the reasons why he always insists on their melton wool cloth for Community Clothing Peacoats.

Hainsworth are famous the world over for this exceptional compact woollen cloth. And it’s not just Guardsmen that benefit from their 240 years of cloth making experience, they also supply cloth to the Royal Navy, to some of the world’s most famous luxury brands, and for some amazing specialist applications, like the cloth which tops the world’s best billiard tables, and the pads for the keys on Steinway pianos.

Established in 1783, AW Hainsworth is one of UK’s oldest textile mills and it also has the distinction of being one of just two mills in Britain to be fully vertically integrated. Meaning that they start with raw wool at one end, and every stage of production up to the finished cloth happens under their roof. This gives them unrivalled control and ensures complete consistency of quality. Community Clothing has only ever used their melton cloth for our woollen coats.

Community Clothing have a simple mission. To make the very best quality everyday clothing; to make it from the very best natural materials in the very best factories right here in the UK; and to sell it at great prices that everyone can afford 365 days a year.

You can buy their fantastic woollen Men’s pea coat in five colours Community Clothing.


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