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PERFECTLY BASICS – Online shopping for wool during Wool Week Amsterdam

The Campaign for Wool spoke with Birgit van den Beemt Blaas, co-owner of Perfectly Basics, CEO, Stylist and Purchaser for Perfectly Basics. This company was established in 2006 as an online store for basics, but it has now expanded into a big player in the online sales of national and international exclusive fashion brands.

How do you see the selection of woollen clothing from the brands that you carry?

“The selection of woollen clothing is very large each season, because many kinds of wool, due to their properties, are suitable for wearing all year. In purchasing, we think it’s important to offer enough different kinds of wool to our customer, from pure wool to luxurious cashmere and soft merino wool.”

Are there plans to include more wool in your collection?

“We evaluate each season what has sold well and what there’s been a lot of demand for, and in the following purchasing seasons, we take this into account. Wool will always play a role in our selection, and we’re always open to expansion. Cool Wool is an important and frequently seen quality for us; think about the Never Out of Stock packages from Filippa K and Drykorn and sharply cut, tailored clothing pieces from luxury brands like Jil Sander Navy and Vanessa Bruno.”

Perfectly Basics - Wool Week Amsterdam.002

Do you think that consumers focus on searching for woollen clothing?

“Yes, certainly. For us, the customer is searching all year long for business blazers and slacks made of Cool Wool. In addition, the demand is great for classic woollen sweaters and short jackets. That’s the reason why we always have a lot of these ‘wardrobe essentials’ in stock. Important products in colder temperatures are also the rough, knitted woollen sweater, smooth woollen tights and woollen winter accessories like shawls.”

Do you have a favourite woollen clothing piece of your own, and why is this your favourite?

“I have a number of favourite woollen clothing pieces, including a woollen V-neck sweater with relaxed fit and cleavage. Always stylish with a beautiful skirt, slacks or good jeans. In the second and third place come a classic camel shawl and a luxurious mixed-wool jacket coat.”

How do you see the cleaning of wool? We understand that you carry the wool detergent from The Laundress in your collection.

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from The Laundress is essential for the best care, cleaning and maintenance of woollen clothing. It is the product to keep your woollen clothing lastingly beautiful and in perfect condition. I’ve used it myself for years, and it’s also a favourite product of our customers.”

What do you think about The Campaign for Wool?

“A beautiful initiative for (better) informing the consumer about the natural and durable material and to bring attention to wool.”


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