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Sheep of Long Mynd

Raising awareness and respect for farmers and their sheep; this short film shows that, after gathering and shearing, home to these sheep is a 4 mile trek into the heart of the Long Mynd where they continue to shape and maintain this landscape by grazing. Each of these sheep is hefted (meaning they have a specific area of the hill which they call home and where they spend most of their life), and once they go through the hill gate the sheep instinctively return home. Hefted sheep cannot be replaced unless they are born on their heft, making each one precious.

Long Mynd is not unique, other sheep-made landscapes exist in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and the Welsh Mountains.

Please support farmers who care for their sheep day to day, each and every year and #choosewool, a natural, renewable and biodegradable environmentally friendly fibre that’s good for the planet.

🎥 Tom Lloyd of Minton, Shropshire.

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