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Wool Carpet Trends 2023

September, and the start of the meteorological Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, reminds us that the colder weather will soon be upon us and retail will be stocking up with their winter collections. The Campaign for Wool and The Wool Carpet Focus Group come together to showcase wool’s inherent natural benefits, highlighting ‘Keep Warm With Wool’ demonstrating why wool is one of the most sustainable, biodegradable and versatile natural fibres on the market today, and one that keeps us warmer than carpets made of other fibres. The theme of this campaign is important as utility bills are expected to rise again this winter and governments advocating for energy-saving measures, wool is proven to be one of the most sustainable, natural, healthy and simplest ways to help insulate homes and keep consumers warmer for longer. Wool has so many benefits it can claim as nature’s performance fibre, including the first reason why wool was used to clothe us – TO KEEP WARM.

Wool is known the world over for its warming, insulating and thermoregulating properties, which are apparent when wool is worn, used around the home, or when using innovative ideas for new wool product uses. Wool offers many safety, health and economic benefits. From soft tactile surfaces to acoustic noise reduction, warmth and longevity, wool is an entirely natural product and more relevant today than it ever has been. It is truly a wonderful natural fibre that doesn’t come at the cost of harming the planet, in fact it enhances it in so many ways, which is so important as the world battles with climate change and issues around over-consumption, emissions and non-biodegradable waste.

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By highlighting some of the most innovative new carpets and rugs as well as new colours, patterns and textures from the leading wool flooring companies, showcasing how wool used in residential and commercial interiors has never been more prevalent. Wool is represented by the key wool growing markets of Britain and New Zealand, both ideal for crafting durable floor coverings which have excellent colour, bounce and recovery attributes. Over 100 examples of the best and most innovative new products have been brought together as part of a special showcase. Wrap yourself, and your home in wool, and turn the thermostat DOWN, what’s not to LOVE about wool!

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