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Wool Month Review at Salts Mill

On Wednesday 8th November the Campaign for Wool was delighted to host an industry event at the iconic Salts Mill*, once one of the largest textile manufacturing mills in the world and now a beautiful gallery space owned by the Silver family. Guests included Bradford Textile Society, British Wool, Woolmark, Farmers, Brands, Spinners, Weavers, Finishers, Manufacturers and Designers.

Peter Ackroyd the Campaign for Wool COO hosted the evening and presented some of the Campaign’s events, films and activities over the past 3 years. The Campaign for Wool promotes all wool from the 4 funding nations of Australia, Britain, New Zealand and South Africa, and all product types from apparel to interiors. Wool is just 1% of the global fibre market share and one of the most ecological, as it is natural, renewable and biodegrade.

The key objectives of the Campaign remain the same – to Promote, Educate and Collaborate.

  • Promote – Sheep farming, products from brands, retailers, mills and designers and all wool products and innovations
  • Educate – Consumers on wool’s natural benefits across all products and all wool types
  • Collaborate – With mills, designers and brands to highlight the Campaign core message of Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable


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