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Wool Week Netherlands: The Many Faces of Wool

From October 12 to 18, The Netherlands celebrates its fourth edition of Wool Week. At the heart of the week will be a glossy WOOL Magazine, with all designs – many from Dutch brands – carefully crafted from wool coming from sheep. All products will be available in stores as part of the Autumn/Winter collections.

Photographed against the stunning backdrop of Croy Estate in Aarle-Rixtel, the outdoor series opening this magazine shows off where the Merino flock of Henricushoeve grazes. ‘Wool & Crafts’ gives an insight to the different forms of craftsmanship tightly connected to wool. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to pick up some wool yarn and knitting needles yourself! Finally, ‘The Many Faces of Wool’ highlights the diversity of this natural fibre. From underwear to tuxedos, sportswear to high-end fashion, and everything in between, wool has many faces and is a comfortable choice for every moment of the day.

Wool has the unique ability to keep you warm when it’s cold, yet cool when it’s hot, thanks to its insulating properties. But above all, wool is a beautiful and rich material that cannot be missed in any wardrobe.

During Wool Week Netherlands from October 12 to 18, the WOOL magazine will be available free of charge in participating stores and selected areas. The agenda of Wool Week Netherlands can be found on this website soon.

Join the Campaign with @Campaignforwool #WoolWeek

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