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Upcoming Events

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Lives down the lane, exhibition of Felt work by Ruth Packham

Thursday 23rd of March 2017 - Saturday 1st of April 2017
Cardiff Made, Cardiff, CF24 3LS, Wales
An exhibition of felt works by Ruth Packham. Ruth uses British wool in her work to create nature inspired sculptural forms. This is an exhibition of her most recent work and her first showing of the giant felt shell created in 2015 in collaboration with 4 International felt makers. Alongside the exhibition will be a chance to climb inside the shell for some quiet time, an artist talk and some felt making workshops. Contact Ruth for more information.

Where Wool Meets

Monday 27th of March 2017 - Sunday 2nd of April 2017
The Gallery, Craft Central,, London, EC1M 4DS, Greater London
“Where Wool Meets” is a collaborative exhibition from Judith Watson, Tina Francis and Suraya Hossain. Whilst wool is their common material their practices are very different. Machine knitting, hand knitting, stitch, tuft, print and sculpture all figure. Join them for a week of workshops, exhibition and collaboration.