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Alternative Flooring Stair Art

Alternative Flooring’s new Stair Art opens with expressive patterns created in collaboration with some of our best British designers.

Taking part are Divine Savages, Margo Selby and Ella Doran with archive carpet designs by Lucienne Day, one of Britain’s most influential and best-loved 20th century designers.


The new Quirky patterns are stamped with the personality of the maker – crafty, witty, ambitious and just great fun. Each is expertly woven in British wool by Alternative Flooring on axminster looms in Wilton, uniting traditional techniques and contemporary design.

Deco by Divine Savages sees flamboyant print take to the floor! Divine Savages Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy comment:

‘We’re so excited to be joining forces with Alternative Flooring who share our love of bold colour and print. We have reworked our iconic ‘Deco Martini’, one of our very first designs, for this eye-catching carpet runner. Inspired by the Jazz Age, our Deco Martini print brings Art Deco opulence to your interior in two exquisite colours – Teal and Blush. Style up your staircase and make it the star attraction in your home.’

Patch, Margo Selby

Patch and Fair Isle by Margo Selby are vibrant graphic patterns inspired by hand-woven textiles developed by Margo Selby on her loom in her Whitstable studio and recreated and blown up to make beautifully crafted stair art. Margo Selby comments:

‘I love working with Alternative Flooring who celebrate my ethos of ‘Art into Industry’ enabling me to design flooring which reflects ideas developed in my handwoven artworks. Patch is a grid based design using contrasting tones in a mathematical bead-like texture.’



Camo and Waterlake, Ella Doran

Camo and Waterlake by Ella Doran both take nature as their muse.

Camo is inspired by the bark patterns of Plane trees in London Fields, Ella Doran’s local park. Waterlake reimagines the flow of water in the lakes of the award- winning Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Ella Doran comments:

‘It has been wonderful exploring how my designs have adapted through a new material and process, caught between new limits and new possibilities. The results are fantastic and Alternative Flooring have been brilliant to collaborate with.’

Alternative Flooring are also proud to announce that the winner of The Campaign for Wool’s British Wool Carpet Award, which highlights the best showcase of the natural features of British wool, was Alternative Flooring with Waterlake – a bespoke runner created by designer Ella Doran using wool from the sheep at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Graham Clark, Director of Marketing at British Wool said “Waterlake showcases a great local manufacturing story. Part of a collection of bespoke products created by designer Ella Doran using natural biodegradable materials from the land, Waterlake is truly British throughout – from the raw materials to the designer to the manufacturer.”


Octagon and Squares and Diamonds by Lucienne Day are true works of art. These two Lucienne Day designs from the sixties in their original vibrant colourways are back in production and are woven in the same factory as they were in 1960s.

Stars is an Alternative design bringing magical stars to the floor.Tribal is an Alternative design fusing fashionable folk and tribal chic.

The Stair Art runners are 69cm wide and £110 per linear metre.


Alternative Flooring champions design, craft and UK manufacturing. This British brand has been bringing award-winning innovative designs to floors for over 20 years.

A series of creative collaborations with iconic figures and brands in the world of interiors has brought more stunning pattern into this distinctive Quirky collection of carpets and runners.


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