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Campaign for Wool introduces the Wool Specialist at Surfaces 2017

The Campaign for Wool (CfW), will attend The International Surfaces Event (TISE) 2017 with a Declaration launched by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – outlining the international standards of the wool industry in caring for sheep and the benefits of choosing real wool for interiors and fashion.

The Declaration was announced by the Prince, the Patron of the CfW, in September 2016 at the Dumfries House Wool Congress (Scotland).  The Prince also announced his on-going commitment to the Campaign – a global promotional organisation, which he set up in 2010 to build better understanding of the fiber’s natural sustainability and environmental benefits.

Additionally the Campaign for Wool will pilot its new platform, which positions wool to both consumers and retailers.  Quality wool retailers need to achieve the ‘Wool Specialist’ accreditation which will be available online later in 2017.  Carpet retailers will be required to participate in a short test programme and show that they represent a number of quality wool brands to register.

The Campaign for Wool is very focused on promoting the performance assets of the fibre and building better understanding of those at retail level.  Our aim of inspiring and educating ensures that the story of wool reaches consumers and they are informed about the long-lasting benefits of choosing wool for the home.”  Bridgette Kelly, Interior Textiles Director of the Campaign for Wool said.

The Campaign for Wool will be on Booth 6353.


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