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Campaign for Wool Paris 2015

Discover the natural benefits and versatility of wool as the Palais du Tokyo hosts Wool Week Paris, bringing wool fabrics to life.

 The most chic wool transformations in Paris right now

Get ready to energise your senses in Paris, as the Campaign For Wool returns to the City of Light, September 25 to 27. Wool Week Paris celebrations invite all to explore a multi-sensory feast for your eyes and experience wool as you never have before.

The exquisite Palais du Tokyo in the 16th arrondissement will open its doors to our favourite natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, acting as a creative space for a series of performances, workshops and displays.

Yet perhaps the pièce de résistance is the exhibition space itself. Thanks to the kind donations from loyal partners, the space will be transformed to replicate a living, breathing wool fibre.

Abbortsford 2010, Escorial, Kvadrat, Lanecardate, Lelièvre Paris have all offered their fine quality wool fabrics to create 4×4 metre panels, which will be used to create different hub spaces and play host to the various activities.

Drawing inspiration from a fibre of wool, the hubs will be reactive and change position throughout the day, allowing it to breathe and move just like a fibre of wool. Each hour, the panels will be moved into new shapes and hubs by dancers and artistic performers resulting in a new event space.

The fabric panels also highlight the versatility of wool and showcase the fibre’s benefits as an interior textile. Innovative and resilient, wool textiles for inside homes and public spaces are the perfect mix of performance, strength and comfort. So go on, start enjoying the benefits of this extraordinary fibre and live naturally, choose wool.

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