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Celebrating “British Textiles in Action” at the British Embassy in Paris

On the 17th of September, the Campaign for Wool headed to Paris to the prestigious setting of the British Ambassador’s Residence, where UK exhibitors at Première Vision enjoyed an evening networking event, attracting buyers, designers and new contacts from around the world.


Organised by the UK Fashion and Textile Association in conjunction with the British Embassy and UK Trade & Investment Teams, the event was supported by the Campaign for Wool and the Woolmark Company.

States John Miln, CEO of the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT): “We felt it was time to celebrate the fantastic mix of quality textiles that the UK has to offer, and remind the world that British fabrics really are the best!”

The highlight of the evening was a video-linked message from HRH the Prince of Wales who is Patron of the Campaign for Wool. In his address, His Royal Highness made reference to Première Vision as the seasonal launch pad for the UK industry’s new collections, and went on to enthuse about the extensive properties of wool as a modern, and flexible fibre with a myriad of special properties.


Continues John Miln: We are delighted to have been able to collaborate with the Campaign for Wool and the Woolmark Company this season and our thanks to both these organisations for their generous support of tonight’s event.  We are honoured that HRH the Prince of Wales took the time to address our gathering and who better to extol the virtues of this wonderful fibre!

UKFT’s ‘British Textiles in Action campaign is about supporting the UK’s dynamic textile industry in its exports and, particularly, assisting them to develop and maintain links with emerging and high-growth markets. It was a pleasure for our exhibitors to network this evening with customers from around the globe (Japan, China, US, South Korea, Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong, India… and from markets much closer to home – Germany, Poland, Italy and of course France!)”

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