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Hackett Student Design

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Campaign for Wool, J.P. Hackett No. 14 Savile Row collaborated with Lovat Mill in Scotland to design a new tweed cloth that was woven into a limited edition cloth and subsequently be made into a bespoke suit.

Students from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh were provided the suiting fashion illustration of the suit by Jeremy Hackett, which consist of a jacket, double pleat wide-leg trousers with turn-ups and a waistcoat and accessories such as a hat.

Students were given the concept of the British Tweed Heritage and look to autumnal heathers in a subtle design incorporating colour over checks, with an additional option for brighter bolder colour accents giving it a modern twist. The cloth will be woven in  The cloth will be a 38oz soft suiting tweed – the Lovat Abbot.

“I was delighted when the Campaign for Wool invited J.P. Hackett Savile Row to create an outfit to celebrate 10 years since its inauguration. In conjunction with The School of Textiles & Design at Heriot Watt University we invited a number of students to use their talents to come up with an innovative tweed. The tweed has been produced at Lovat Mill and we will hold a limited edition of the cloth at No. 14 Savile Row that can be personally tailored for our clients or for that matter His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales who has worked tirelessly to promote the attributes of wool in all its guises. Best wishes to The Campaign for Wool on its anniversary.” Jeremy Hackett

“We were delighted to work with the Hackett/Lovat brief with a very motivated group of weave design students at Heriot Watt University. Lovat Mill as The Home of Tweed designs and weaves many Tweed qualities but we based the project on one of our Lightweight Lambswool Tweed qualities which suits our export and home markets. Difficult to choose a winner but Alice’s work made the most of the brief and was very well researched. She just touched on our Hi-Vis yarns which we use in our High Performance Tweeds as decorations which was a nice twist on a pattern with its roots in Scottish Textile design. Kaitlin was a great runner up and again we loved the way she had handled the brief presenting strong ideas. Great to see such a strong pool of talent coming from the home of Scotland’s leading University for Textile Design.” Stephen Rendle, Managing Director Lovat Mill

“The Campaign for Wool 10th Anniversary competition provoked some interesting questions about reinvention, about material utilisation as well as some important insights into the renewal of heritage stories. It provided a very useful opportunity for our students to collaborate with high profile brands and excellent industry partners while reinforcing wool’s versatility and sustainability. While Heriot Watt University’s weave design students often choose to work with wool yarns on campus, they found meeting with the Lovat Mill team highly beneficial. The students advanced their skills by colour matching the mill’s tweed yarn palette for CAD and designing within the mill’s production specifications. They were keen to learn about the Hackett brand and the heritage of Lovat Mill whilst enhancing their appreciation of the mill’s quality wool fabrics. The students interpreted this knowledge effectively, taking a fresh approach to designing for the men’s suiting fabric market; skills which will help to prepare them for working in industry. Thanks to support from ScotCad Textiles Ltd. who provided remote access to Scotweave, our students were able to continue to work remotely when they needed to move off campus mid-project. They remained focused, enthusiastic and appreciative of the opportunity provided by the CFW competition and for the continued support from the Lovat Mill team.” Marnie Collins and Fiona Pankhurst

“I took part in this project in my final year of university and I really enjoyed it. My university project was interior based, so using my skills and ideas of working for a different market was an interesting concept to me. I had to really think about colour and scale in a different way to what I had been for the past few months.  I have always enjoyed working with wool, and it is my preferred fibre choice. It’s warm, durable and environmentally friendly, it’s also the fibre I have the most experience with, so I could visualise cloth and colours easily. Coming from the Scottish Borders, I’ve grown up around wool, tweed and textiles as a whole, so it seemed silly to not take part with a project linked with a local mill!  Despite the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, this project has given me a substantial amount of industry experience. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see my own design going through the design process in a mill as well as meeting those who were able to make it all happen!”  Alice Milivoyevich, Winning Student


100% Pure New Wool, Tweed cloth made by Lovat Mill. Garment ensemble made exclusively by Hackett for the Student Design Project. Contact for personal tailoring and cloth availability.

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