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International Student Design






To celebrate the global 10th Anniversary of the Campaign, The Campaign for Wool – Canada invited students to participate in the student design competition to create articles that demonstrate the natural, sustainable and biodegradable properties of wool as well as its versatility as a medium for fashion, interior design and art.

We would like the students to communicate through their designs a celebration of The Campaign for Wool’s messages of sustainability while highlighting the natural beauty and versatility of 100% Canadian wool.

“As a textile artist, I am drawn to the natural beauty and technical qualities of wool. Wool gives my works structure, depth, texture and colour unlike any natural fibre. I am thrilled to be able to share my love of wool with the world and am honoured for the opportunity to represent Canada in this international competition.” Amanda Perumal, Winning Student


100% Canadian Wool


  1. The Campaign for Wool NZ set a brief for students to engage in material innovation and its position within contemporary material culture. To focus on technical and creative exploration of advanced construction techniques for textiles including weaving, knitting and alternative processes. Explore and demonstrate the creative, imaginative, technical and original use of natural colour in textiles for fashion or interiors. Look at investigating bio-materials or bioplastics and experimentally evaluate and determine a number of physical properties and the effects of these properties on the performance of the material.

“The Campaign For Wool NZ Trust views the student design competition as a perfect vehicle to drive the education and awareness of the amazing natural fibre that wool is. These young designers will shape the future of consumer fashion so having them understand the unique environmental qualities of wool, at the outset of their careers, will ensure they become true advocates of this wonderful sustainable fibre. We sincerely congratulate all the entrants for their fabulous designs and will watch with interest as they become wool influencers to future generations of consumers.”  Tom O’Sullivan, Chairman, Campaign For Wool (NZ)

This project has been really important in opening our eyes up to a whole other area of textiles and materials that we previously hadn’t explored. Both of us have always been passionate about sustainability and so it was exciting to create a product that has the potential to make a positive impact. We were lucky enough to be donated the wool before coming up with our idea; we saw unique qualities and value in the fibre and wanted to make use of it.  Lauryn Tipper and Mary Roberts, Winners


Repurposed waste wool yarn with starch, creating moulded products and material suitable for mail packaging.


Living in New Zealand, wool has always been a fibre I have been familiar with. However, this project allowed me to consider wool in a new light – as a versatile natural fibre with exceptional properties. I now have a newfound appreciation for wool, making it one of my first choices in many of my projects, and will continue to advocate for its presence within the apparel industry. Georgie Holmes, Runner Up


To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Campaign for Wool (CFW), a competition will be initiated to demonstrate the natural, sustainable and biodegradable properties of wool as well as its versatility and many uses. To reflect this, the competition may include design work for knitwear, tailoring – including yarn and fabric design, interiors, carpets/rugs and innovation product design.

Cape Wools South Africa (CWSA) will team up with Universities to collaborate on the design submissions and the shortlist selection process. We would like the students to take the concept of the core values of the Campaign for Wool of natural, biodegradable, sustainable and that wool has many core natural values and benefits that far outweigh man-made fibres. The students should use this to develop and create wool designs using the landscape of South Africa and nature’s natural habitat and colour palette from the land and the ocean as a guide.  We would like to see a mood board, a development board with sketches, yarns, weave designs and sample swatches (if sample weaving or knitting is available), along with an indication of how the end product (knitwear or fabric design) would be used in the student’s outline fashion design provided, also taking into account commerciality and production methods. We would also like the students to provide a paragraph telling us what they were inspired by.

“Cape Wools is a proud supporter of the Campaign for wool and regard the co-operation between the two organizations as a unique opportunity to enhance the awareness of wool amongst retailers and consumers. The fashion design students who utilise wool in their designs, place focus on the natural characteristics of this unique natural fibre, produced sustainably and in harmony with nature. The students of today will ultimately become the custodians of fashion in the future, fashion that should be sustainable and ethical. The platform created by the Campaign for Wool is a unique opportunity to engage students with a passion for wool from across the globe and to exhibit their dedication towards sustainable fashion. We are excited to see what the future will bring for these young designers and the role they will play in the future of wool.”

“The Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Design are continuously striving to find creative competitive platforms for our students to showcase their creative practice, and we thank Cape Wools South Africa for the invitation and opportunity to partake in The Campaign for Wools Student Competition. The competition highlights the use of locally sourced fibre, yarn and textile, and encourages crafting and original design; elements at the heart of the academy’s design education approach. We share Cape Wools SA`s passion and drive to develop and introduce new design talent in wool to contemporary markets and industry, and commit to promote the use of wool in design. We are extremely proud of Johane`s design approach, process and achievements.” Fiona Abdo, Head of Design

“This project was challenging, different but also enjoyable to work on. It was important for me to see this project through because making a living out of it will give me so much joy.

It was a first for me to work with raw merino wool and to create only by hand. Creating the wool jacket made me realize as a student that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It helped me to start my own business and I know making a living out of wool would be life changing. Natural fibres are an absolute favourite of mine but wool definitely stands out, its uniqueness, quality, feel and gorgeous look makes it a pleasure to work with.

This project did not only bring joy to my heart but also created jobs for six amazing women in the process.” Johane Schulze, Winning Student

100% Merino wool



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