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LANADO Duvets in 100% pure Belgian wool

A conversation with with Mrs Dominique Blandiaux of DBC Wool.

Please tell us a little about yourselves and how your day to day life involves wool?

Wool is in my blood… it has been our family business since 1938 so wool has been a constant in my life ever since I was a little girl. My father often brought home wool samples, he taught me the touch and feel of the fibres with games such as, “guess if this is wool or not?”. It’s safe to say that for me wool is not only a business, it is also a way of life.

What is your favorite thing about wool?           

I work not only with the woolgrowers but also with manufacturers and the end consumer; it broadens my horizon and understanding of this relatively small world and fills me with valuable experiences.

How did the idea of using Belgian wool for duvets and cushions come into being?

Our family business, DBC wool, always bought wool from abroad. The quantities in Belgium were insufficient and the collection of greasy wools was not well organized and difficult. As a result a lot of the Belgian wools were sent to China – a big loss to our economy – or it was burned or thrown away because the woolgrowers didn’t know what to do with it. Over time, woolgrowers lost the know-how about shearing, sorting and taking care of this wonderful fibre. Which was such a shame because all this expertise is so important to the quality of wool.

In the city of Verviers, however, we have had a long industrial history and tradition with the treatment of washing wool. The know-how is still there so why wouldn’t we use it to make a remarkable product. The demand is palpable hence us offering a product you cannot find elsewhere.

These observations lead to a plan, a desire if you will, to launch an unique product; a duvet in 100% pure Belgian Wool. An ethically, finished, high-class product that is fair-trade, natural, comfortable and returns value to our local wools and businesses and their ancestral know-how.

Each woolgrower that delivers “category A wool” will receive a bonus per kilo of wool from DBCwool. This bonus is in proportion to the amount of wool that has been – and will be used – for the manufacture of the finished product.

The objective of this project is to promote locally sourced wool, which in turn gives back to the community directly – from producer to consumer.

Why should consumers choose for wool duvets and cushions, rather than other types of fibre?

Thanks to the crimpy structure of wool the fibre has a natural elasticity, which is why a wool duvet will retain its shape longer than a feather duvet – meaning that the wool will be divided over the duvet consistently illuminating so-called ‘cold patches’.

A wool duvet will last much longer. There is next to no collection of dust whereas a feather duvet will show a quicker wear and tear due to damage to the down feathers, which is caused by rubbing.

A sheep will be shorn once a year, which is harmless to the animal. To ensure the quality of the wool the sheep will have to be looked after all year. Goose feathers, however, are plucked from the live animal.

Wool is an excellent fibre for all seasons – due to its make-up it keeps you cold when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. This makes wool not only suitable for winter, but also summer duvets. Summer duvets are lighter and because of the fibre’s natural breathability they are much more comfortable and better at temperature regulation than synthetic duvets.

As a natural fibre, wool is capable of absorbing more than 30% of its weight in moisture without giving the feeling of being damp. It simply retains the moisture and will slowly release when washed. Temperature regulation prevents “thermal shock” due to perspiration cooling on the skin in winter.

What does The Campaign for Wool mean to you?

The Campaign for Wool brings consumer awareness that will help the wool industry to continue promoting wool. The support of well-known industry names shows that The Campaign for Wool is serious and reliable.

What does 2015 hold for Lanado? How do you see the brand grow?

Lanado is still very young, nearly 2 years old but we have plenty of plans. New products are in the pipeline – always with the philosophy of promoting our Belgian wools, the woolgrowers and Belgian enterprises. We have more and more retailers and woolgrowers who believe in Lanado. They are happy to see that their wool is being used to produce good and reliable local products. We believe in an optimistic future!


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