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Lessons for everyday life from the extreme world

To celebrate the launch of John Hudson’s paper back copy of “How To Survive” Lessons for everyday life from the extreme world, we thought this was a great opportunity to share a couple of video clips from a talk that took place during Wool Week 2019 in collaboration with Anderson & Sheppard and John Hudson. 

Anderson & Sheppard collaborated with The UK Military’s Chief Survival Instructor, John Hudson to create ‘The Hudson Sweater’ which was the result of a collaboration between the Campaign for Wool, Anderson & Sheppard, John Hudson and Doppiaa, that brought together each expertise to create a sweater that is perfect for days out hiking with a backpack, sailing, cycling or for a day gardening in the cooler evenings or Autumn and Winter months. 

Designed by Anderson & Sheppard in close consultation with John Hudson to create a product that’s fit for purpose whilst out in the elements, the sweater was knitted by Doppiaa in Italy and is made from soft Merino wool yarn, with Ventile cotton protection patches and available in three colourways. 

The Campaign for Wool has worked with John on other events including a survival hike in Cornwall, where guests went on a short hike with John, wearing wool, learning navigational skills from the surroundings and edible plants that you can forage on your travels. In survival the functionality of clothing can be life dependent and it’s always great to hear John talking so supportively of wool garments and why they’ve been used in the military for many years.

 “In my world of military survival training, the clothes you wear are your top priority after you’ve treated any injuries – well before shelter building, finding water and food or even signalling for rescue; good garments made from the best materials are that important.”  John Hudson

The book looks through several survival stories and what aspects each person or team used to get through the challenging situations. John neatly transfers this in a way that the survival tactics can be used in day-to-day life whether dealing with stress or managing your time better by planning ahead.

View the book here 


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