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Q & A with Wool and the Gang

Cool kids on the block, Wool and the Gang have been changing people’s perception of Wool and Knitting, exciting and inspiring a younger generation to pick up their knitting needles.

“We believe in exceptional design. Fashion that’s produced in a unique, sustainable way. Every Wool and the Gang item has been handcrafted or made unique by The Gang — our team of artisans and makers around the world.

“Our goal is to deliver fast, sustainable fashion. From design concept through to finished product, the fashion industry can usually take anything from 6–12 months. We think that’s a problem, so we’re cutting that time down by empowering our Gang of Makers to create fashion from their homes. ” Wool and the Gang

 Wool and the Gang 2

1, Tell us a little about why you choose wool over other fibres?

We choose to source 100% wool as it’s the most sustainable fibre with characteristics.

2, What was your favourite moment from your Wool Week experience?

It was so incredible to see how many enthusiastic men first-time knitters attended our knit parties and got to grips with the basics of knitting!

3, How do you source your wool?

We source our wool in Peru, we’ve recently sourced a beautiful wool from England from Blue Faced Leicester sheep, which is just so incredibly soft.
4, What does the Campaign for Wool mean to you?

We are truly honoured to be working alongside the Campaign for Wool, we fly the wool flag with pride! Being a part of a movement that celebrates this beautiful fibre is so exciting for us.

Wool and the Gang 3

Wool and the Gang 6

5, What does the SS14 season hold for you?

We’re looking at trends now, we’re exploring different types of lightweight wool.

6, At what age did you first start knitting?


7, Technologies to further the potential of wool are advancing all the time, i.e. wool velvet, how do you think this will affect the wool and clothing industries?

We think that’s really exciting to push creativity with new wool materials, it’s an exciting time for wool.

8, How does using woollen cloths differ to other man-made materials?

It’s just all about sustainable fibres. 🙂

9, What is your favourite woollen item of clothing and why?

Woolly hats are our favourite, they are the fastest to make.


To find out more about the Gang, their culture and their fantastic products go to

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