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Q&A with Véronique Leysen from Maurice Knitwear

The Campaign for Wool has been talking to Véronique Leysen, owner of Maurice Knitwear in Antwerp about her love for knitting and wool.

Please tell us a little about yourselves, your company and how your designs utilize wool?

Maurice Knitwear is a young knitwear label based in Antwerp.

For the collections of Maurice I use several types of wool which I make into wide yarns. I always try to combine different fibres and mix different patterns. It makes the designs look more exclusive and playful. I don’t like flat colors, I like colors that dance and in which you discover something new all the time, without them being too overpowering.

Who is the consumer you are aiming for and how does wool fit their style?

People who wear Maurice have an eye for detail, wear their garments with care, appreciate natural products and buy Maurice because they fall in love with a piece out of the collection.

What is that you like so much about knitwear?

I live materials, the process that it has to go through: from spinning, to colouring to knitting, until you have a finished product. It is nice to work with a natural material; every time I see my knitwear I can fall in love. I find it hard to part with my products. They are made with so much love that I sometimes don’t know to price them. Handmade pieces are priceless.

Veronique Leysen Maurice Knitwear

What makes you choose wool over other fibres?

I love wool because I can create and play with it endlessly, especially by taking several yarns and knitting them together which gives a beautiful effect.

What is your favourite wool item and why?

My oversized cardigan is my favorite piece. Very luscious and wearable, a piece that you lose your heart to – incredible soft and very luxurious.

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