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Slaappunt – Belgian Craftsmanship for a good night’s sleep

Slaappunt develops and manufactures its own bedding products in Belgium. We offer a complete range for a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

Please tell us a little about your company and how your day to day business involves wool?

The managers Luc Hillen and Els Goormans previously worked for five years for a company that processed and sold wool. There they developed a strong belief in the products thanks to the positive reactions they received from clients all the time. In January 2006 they decided to start their own company under the name Slaappunt.

Which wool do you use and why?

We use the non-degreased wool of the Australian Merino sheep, a completely natural fibre that acts as perfect insulator and moisture-regulator. Wool takes on more than 30% of its own weight in moisture and releases it to the outdoor air. The product stays dry, which gives you the best guarantee of a comfortable, relaxing sleep.

Wool bedding products are hygienic and hypoallergenic. This is because wool does not attract dirt or dust-mites. Our wool range consists of under blankets, duvets and cushions, most of which can be made to the size that best fits your bed.

Where can the consumer purchase your wool products?

Slaappunt BVBA – Joseph Van Instraat 27 – 2500 Lier

Hillco BVBA

At the moment we have a 95% content consumer portfolio and this comes mainly because of our bedding products that enable people to sleep in a dry atmosphere. We even notice that people suffering from rheumatism, eczema, allergies and arthrosis that they are very well helped by sleeping in wool products.

What does The Campaign for Wool mean to you?

For us it is terribly important to convince the clients about our products and being a Woolmark licensee helps us with this. We see it as one of the best recognitions of our quality. The Campaign for Wool allows us to better educate potential customers.

How do you see the use of wool by consumers develop in the near future?

Nowadays people are more aware of their health and so the benefits of wool have proven their meaning in the past years.

As long as people, young and old, are informed about the strong benefits of wool used for a healthy sleep, we see a good future. We are constantly working on the improvement of our products, together with our wool supplier and The Woolmark Company, we can sleep comfortably ourselves.

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