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The Incrediwools: Beatrice Larkin

Beatrice Larkin is a textile designer specialising in weaving. She merges traditional Dobby weaving techniques with the capabilities of the more computerised Jacquard loom. She creates samples of fabrics in her London studio and works with a mill in Lancashire to produce blankets. Beatrice has a collection coming out soon through Daylesford Organic.

What is it about wool that makes it such a good fibre to work with?

Wool is an amazing fibre to use and as a weaver I would always choose it over any other. It is incredibly versatile and can be manipulated to create so many different outcomes. I particularly love it because of the pure and natural, soft finish which I get from my blankets after the finishing process. There are so many different types of wool, so many different ways to spin it, weave it, knit it and finish it. You could have a woollen cloth that’s raw and earthy, ready for the elements or the softest most luxurious baby blanket. Either way these fabrics hold a natural, honest integrity which man made materials never will.

The touch and handle of my blankets is one of my main selling points and this is ultimately down to the use of wool. I have had feedback from customers telling me that as soon as they held one of the blankets in their hands they became even more desirable.

Do you use British Wool?

No, I currently use an Australian merino as I find it gives the most desirable handle.
However, I would love to use British wool in a future collection and I visited The British Wool Marketing Board earlier in the year so I’m starting to research
other options.

How important is craftsmanship as part of Britain’s cultural heritage?

It’s really important. I think having a knowledge and a skill is great. There is a big resurgence in British craftsmanship and small scale production. There’s a lot more focus on the individual these day, from both the designer’s and the consumer’s point of view. So whatever you’re selling, you want to know your customer. And they in turn want to know the story about you and your product. My brand is me, rather than just what I’m making. It’s about selling that story to your consumer.

Head over to The Campaign for Wool Instagram page today where Beatrice Larkin will be taking over the channel!

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