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The region of West-Flanders in Belgium, traditionally is globally very important when it comes down to the manufacturing of carpets. The Campaign for Wool has been talking to Creatuft N.V., one of Belgian’s leading wool carpet manufacturers in Kuurne.

Can you tell us about Creatuft N.V.?

A family enterprise established in 1978, Creatuft N.V. has experienced rapid growth over the years by producing quality tufted broadloom carpets at competitive prices, spinning its own woollen yarns since 1983. As well as stocking in high end retailers across the European continent, the group distributes to wholesalers in the United Kingdom and USA.

“We believe that the demand for woollen natural products is increasing, so the opportunity for promotional work is very important,” says Igor Mennes, President of the company, adding that there is great opportunity to educate retail on the benefits of Woolmark-certified carpets. But as with most businesses, increasing wool prices create profitability challenges.

“The demand for natural fibres and the increasing impact of sustainable materials have a positive influence,” he says. “The struggle is convincing people to buy broadloom woollen carpets instead of hard flooring.”

What is your best sold wool carpet and why?

The best sold products are London/Tanger/Berlin/Sintra. These carpets are placed in the mid-segment of the market and offer a good quality as well as a good price. The classification of these carpets is 23-31 what means that they are suitable for residential as well as contract use. The colors are up-to-date and the design is very modern.

What are the most recent developments/innovations in wool carpet?

The latest innovations are mainly in more robust structures with a significant weight in wool. The qualities are getting higher and the production more technical.

Why should consumers choose for soft floorcoverings instead of hard floorcoverings?

Soft floor coverings, particularly wool carpets, have a host of natural benefits which you cannot get in hard floorcoverings. Wool carpets offer increased comfort, design, indoor air quality, wellbeing, luxury. Wool’s natural properties are inherent in wool carpet, such as natural elasticity to retain the as-new look for longer, stain, dirt and odour resistance and wool is also flame resistant making it a safer choice for your home.

And why wool?

Because wool is natural, renewable, insulating, comfortable, elegant, soft, safe, fire-retardant, dirt resistant.

The motto of the Campaign for Wool is: Live Naturally, Choose Wool. In what way does this meet with your company philosophy?

Our company philosophy is as follows: Our concern for the environment is shown in a sustainable policy from raw material until finished product. Creatuft works with wool that has been given to us by Mother Nature and we have incorporated this into our own vertical integration – spinning mill, tuft-section, weaving mill and finishing allows us to control every production process.

But the story does not end here. We are aware about the concerns of our clients and we do everything possible to meet their wishes. We think thoroughly and environmental friendly about our raw materials, production and energy consumption.

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