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With Wool House finally upon us, we have been weaving (ha) our way through the crowd of amazing and talented designers that have come together for this celebration of wool, in the hope of snatching a quick interview with these busy, creative people, as they showcase their craft.

To our delight, we were able to catch a few minutes with one such creative – Cristian Zuzunaga.  With a body of work spanning from print and photography, to sculpture and furniture design, we sat down for a quick yarn with Cristian about what drew him to wool.



Cristian at Wool House against a backdrop of his work

• What excites you about participating in the Wool House showcase?

To be included among such amazing Creatives and to be able to work with professionals in different disciplines  is superb as allows ones work to be seen in the right perspective and generates the right situations for future projects. The show is very well organized, coherent, present and very inspiring– Arabella McNie has done a FANTASTIC job without losing her positivity.  She always has a positive energy – it is so rare to find individuals like her.

• What properties of wool do you find most valuable in your work?

Its versatility and endless possibilities allow creativity to flow in an unexpected way.  You are always surprised of its texture, feeling, vibrancy and colour acceptance.

On top of that wool is a unique natural material that is sustainable per se, and it really has played a role in allowing culture (as we know it) to emerge and florish.

• What would be your dream project to work on?

I am living it right now! I like the unexpectedness that is generated through my work, attracting all kinds of people and situations.

To find out more about Cristian’s work and to stay up to date with his latest activities, you can head over to his website here and join his group on facebook.  Don’t forget, it isn’t too late to head down to Wool House and see Cristian’s work for yourself – entry is free!

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