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In the run up to the Wool House celebrations, we’ve had the opportunity to get together with some of the talented artists and designers participating in the event.  We were thrilled to be able to get a few minutes with the fantastic Shauna Richardson for a quick chat about all things Wool House.

· Like the Lionheart project before it, Crochetdermy Brown Bear is another large scale piece. What motivates you to create such grand installations?

“Big challenges are what keep me motivated.  In fact the brown bear was the first piece of Crochetdermy I ever created, a pretty ambitious piece to cut my teeth on.”

· What properties of wool do you find most valuable in your work?

“I find wool the perfect sculptural medium, ideal for 3D work.  Realism is something I like to play with and wool yields the desired result.  I would like to list the exclusive use of a British product as one of the most valuable aspects in my work, I have been on a quest for some time now to find somebody in this country to produce something similar to chunky brushed mohair  sadly to no avail. Yet.”

· What excites you about participating in the Wool House showcase?

“Somerset House is a great setting and the show looks really exciting. The bear is in splendid company, I’m very happy to have been chosen to take part. I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibition come together and meeting the interesting people who will undoubtedly be there.”


Shauna showcasing her Trophy Bull Head crochetdermy piece.
Pic taken from

· Your schedule must vary between intense bouts of crafting and touring with the finished piece.  Which do you find more enjoyable, the actual act of creating a piece of art, or showcasing it to an audience?

“Apart from the Lionheart Project which was a massive leap into the world of touring, I tend not to tour my life-size pieces. Although introducing the work to audiences is a delight, I am most content when creating. The undertaking is time consuming, happily that suits me very well.”

· What would be your ‘dream’ project?

“There are so many. Since the early days I have wanted to create a museum style installation of albino animals. An invitation to do that along with the necessary funding would be splendid.”

· Finally, do you have any advice for young artists out there?

“Being an artist is is the best, making a living as an artist can be tough. Certain maverick tendencies come with the territory, and I am sure that creatives will create what and however they want, regardless of any advice.”

If you want to know more about Shauna’s previous works, you can check out her website here.  You might also want to read our previous Q&A with Shauna on her incredible Lionheart Project, which can be found here.

If reading this has given you an appetite for the world of wool, it isn’t too late to get yourself over to Somerset House and join in the Wool House celebrations.  Entry is free and there are a host of events, demonstrations and showcases to commemorate the world’s largest celebration of Wool.  Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s on and come and join us at Wool House!

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