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Wool in Action

“The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is a self-sufficiency run held over six legs in seven days with set distances for each day, ranging from 28km to 75km. Participants must carry all their supplies, clothes and compulsory safety/survival equipment for the duration of the event. Overnight shelter in camps, and water, which is strictly controlled and distributed during the race, is supplied. The event goes way beyond merely covering 250 kilometers in extreme conditions; it is a challenge to get past what normal people would regard as crazy, and achieve one’s personal goals.”

We follow Mr Gusha and Mr Inkunzi while they battle sand and heat in Wool.
Cape Wools SA is proud to sponsor Cobus and Lumko to take part in this grueling event, held from the 24th till the 30th of October. You can follow their journey on

“The route details are only given to the participants on the day of registration, so there is no unfair advantage in planning.  The route is marked throughout the course, with temperatures varying from mid 40 degrees Celsius during the day to single figures in the evenings.”
Race details on

“You are crazy!
It was the year 2012 and I was preparing to run one of the toughest races in the world: a 250km self-sufficiency run in the desert. ”
He is going to do it again. Follow Cobus and Lumko on
Cape Wools SA is proud to sponsor these brave men in their attempt to tame the desert in Wool.

“Fashioned into technically performing knit fabrics using state of the art machinery, these multi-purpose Core Merino garments provide style and optimum next-to-skin comfort, perfect for both the life style and active wear markets”
Cobus and Lumko plan to face the desert dressed in Core.

Cape Wools SA are a CFW Funding Partner.

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