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Wool rules in the A/W14 collection for Milo Fashion

This autumn, more than ever the wool coat is a must have in the wardrobe. That is why The Campaign for Wool is delighted to announce the participation of Milo Fashion in Wool Week Amsterdam. Since 1952 Milo has specialised in the design and manufacturing of lady’s overcoats and jackets predominantly made from wool.

“Tailored or wide, long or short, in luxurious fluffy, sleek or patterned qualities, a wool coat is a must-have this winter. The developments in wool fabrics to make them softer and richer, makes it even more meritorious to work with”, says Froukje de Vries, Head Styling at Milo Fashion.

For this coming Wool Week, Milo have teamed up with  three young  talented Dutch designers: Maison the Faux, Liselore Frowijn en Anbasja Blanken to create their own versions of the coat from a blank Milo canvas. Each of them will adapt the coats to their own creativity with the three uniquely designed wool coats being exhibited from November 5th until 8th in Pistache at the Frederiksplein in Amsterdam.


“As the main supplier of wool quality coats in Northern Europe, we are very pleased with our participation in Wool Week. Bringing the beneficial andn durable properties of wool to the forefront, helps to raise the appreciation of our products and the consumers to make a better choice when buying a coat”, says Frans van Buuren, Managing Director Milo Fashion.

Wool coats from the Milo Fall-Winter collection can be bought in high level ladies fashion stores in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland and Scandinavia.

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