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Wool Week 2021 – One Month to Go…

We are pleased to announce that Wool Week will take place from 4 to 31 October. The annual Wool Week has, in recent years, been extended to cover a longer period in the Autumnal wool season, and whilst we should rename it Wool Month we hear everyone still references the term Wool Week so we will retain that for 2021. The month also a wider space for the many messages, and allows for the brands to select their preference in timing over the month to promote wool and for shorter targeted product launches.

Each year we use this period of time to amplify the wool eco and environmental messages, collections, product launches, events and activities from brands, retailers and crafters. These can be in-store events and product promotions or on-line amplification, workshops etc. Please contact if you have any events to go on the Wool Week Schedule.

Wool’s natural fibre performance benefits are even more important to be shared to consumers with the ever increasing importance of climate change issues and plastic damage to the planet created by man-made fibres and products that do not biodegrade and stay in landfill or the ocean.


The Wool Week 2021 Message is Feel Better #ChooseWool, for the following reasons…….



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