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Wool Week Belgium – Ann Demeulemeester

Portrait copyright Willy Vandenperre

Ever since Ann Demeulemeester left her namesake brand, the design team behind the avant-garde fashion label hasn’t stopped working in the same vibe. Sebastien Meunier, artistic director, talks about the collaboration with Wool Week.

Can you tell us a little about how your day to day life involves wool?

‘We like to work with wool for its traditional and rich history. For our brand, wool is a big a part of the fabrics. We use it for innovative designs as much as traditional ones.’

How do you source wool?

‘We source wool at fabric fairs where we visit our usual fabric suppliers.’

Are there any plans to introduce more wool in to your collection?

‘It is always interesting to find new ways to use wool or to find fabrics that mix wool with modern techniques. We will continue to use wool as much as we already do.’

What is your opinion about The Campaign for Wool and your participation in Wool Week?

‘We like to work with wool for its qualities and possibilities and we support every initiative to promote it.’

The “Jacket Flag Black” on display in the Wool Week exhibition is part of the Ann Demeulemeester Men’s collection 2013-2014. The slim fitted and deconstructed jacket is made of a jacquard wool fabric inspired by an old wallpaper pattern. Composition 80%WV 17%PA 3%EA

Curator of the Wool Week expo, freelance journalist Veerle Windels:

Ann Demeulemeester graduated from the Antwerp Academy in 1981, won the Golden Spindle a year later and was soon applauded for her work as one of the leading members of The Antwerp Six. Ann opened stores in Antwerp and beyond, and has built a strong brand internationally. In November 2013, she left her company in the good hands of her team, which is still working in the realm of her poetic rock ‘n roll world.

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