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Wool Week Belgium – Tim Van Steenbergen

The Wool Week Antwerp exhibition showcases a beautiful piece of Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen. The Campaign for Wool has asked Tim questions about his work and inspiration. Please tell us a little about yourself and how your designs utilize

Wool Week Belgium: Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck is one of the leading avant-garde designers in Belgium. Always going against the grain, always asking questions, he was eager to participate in the first Antwerp Wool Week. Hi Walter. Tell us about the way you work

Campaign for Wool Interiors Collection Gallery

The launch of the Wool Collection Interiors sees a curated edit of over fifty wool interior pieces, including a selection of specially commissioned items. The WOOL COLLECTION showcases innovative and diverse designs highlighting the natural beauty and practical functionality of real wool.

Shopping in Antwerp: Morrison clothing store

The Campaign for Wool has been talking to Jan and Patrick Olyslager from Morrison clothing store which owns and retails the Antwerp-based Howlin’ brand that is supporting the Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week in Belgium. Please tell us a little

Q&A with Véronique Leysen from Maurice Knitwear

The Campaign for Wool has been talking to Véronique Leysen, owner of Maurice Knitwear in Antwerp about her love for knitting and wool. Please tell us a little about yourselves, your company and how your designs utilize wool? Maurice Knitwear

Q&A with Edward Fields at Tai Ping Carpets

The Campaign for Wool spoke to the design team behind Edward Field’s at Tai Ping’s carpets to discuss the carpet manufactures love of wool and the work they provided for this year’s Wool Week Collection: Interiors. Please tell us a

Wool Week London 2014: Summary, Interiors Activity

In addition to the Wool Week Fashion Activity, The Campaign for Wool implemented a series of design, textiles and interior displays and activities for members of the public to engage and interact with also. Wool Collections: Interiors: An incredible 8,200

Wool Week 2014: Summary, Fashion Activity

Last week (5th-12th October 2014), London celebrated its fifth annual Wool Week. The Campaign for Wool looks forward to this week every year as it consistently presents a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with designers, exhibitors, students, retailers and wool enthusiasts